Hanna Knight

Instagram: hanna_knight_hk


SpotOn, Detroit, MI                                                                                              August 2019-March 2023 
Project  Manager

  • Structure and map out Retail project process flow from discovery planning to end release phase to user within Lucid chart.
  • Create master roadmaps on Monday.com for cross departmental phases.
  • Developed structured guidelines and training for on-boarding new E-commerce merchants.
  • Interfaced with product design teams to inform and guide on platform capabilities and features needed for Alpha and Beta release phases.
  • Created a new internal support channel using Jira.
  • Formatted online stores supported by PayPal, Shopify, and Spot On E-commerce platforms.
  • Designed high-maintenance websites with in-house platform and custom logos, banners, and other images.
  • Utilized Hub Spot to create and implement workflows for requests and to document data.

Paragon Design + Display, Ann Arbor, MI                                                             March-August 2019 
Marketing Manager

  • Rebranded social media platforms with a new voice and look based on the audience’s gender and age percentiles.
  • Restructured social media guidelines to include a procedure for post production of a project with a client to obtain feedback and review.
  • Improved SEO for Facebook and Instagram by comparing reach count to link click rate against tag phrases.
  • Set-up an e-commerce site (via Shopify) to streamline the business services and products for B2B and B2C.
  • Increased brand awareness by 10% on post reach.
  • Utilized Constant Contact to define what are Paragon’s services and involvement within the community.

Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group, Ann Arbor, MI                 February 2018-January 2019 
Photographer and Videographer

  • Increased client views with monthly realtor and borrower facing videos and podcasts for FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Designed motion graphics for the company and branches' logos.
  • Utilized Adobe Illustrator to rebrand the company's website and loan officers' landing pages.

Face to Face, West Lafayette, IN                                                               September-December 2016 
Executive Producer

  • Established a new talk-show from scratch of crew and departments.
  • Provided 4 monthly 30 minuet talk show segments.
  • Coordinated program shoots and interviews with the Segment Director and Assistant Producer. 
  • Evaluated storyline/script writing for talk show series
  • Budgeted, scheduled, managed and assigned team of 14, comprised of assistants, director, camera operators, host and post production supervisors

Evergreen, West Lafayette, IN                                                                             August-December 2016
Location Supervisor/Production Assistant

  • Regular coordination of work meetings with producers, directors, and writers
  • Collected, prepared, and distributed scripts based on writers’ revisions to cast members and production staff
  • Maintained preparation and visualization of presentations, schedules and dashboards in support of Executive Producer & Creative Director roles
  • Addressed and resolved conflicts within the production process and facilitated time-sensitive production schedules in order to meet crucial deadlines

Path to the New Age Movement, Sedona, AZ                                                   July-December 2016
Co-Producer, Director, Editor, Interviewer

  • Conducted interviews with locals
  • Directed camera angle shots with Co-Producer/Director
  • Processed footage & post-production work-flow 
  • Edited interviews for an original documentary

HotBox Pizza, West Lafayette, IN                                                                                   April-August 2016
Marketing Manager

  • Headed and charted all marketing, public relations and media efforts via direct (weekly cup drops, door hanging, phone calls to previous customers, late delivery apology notes, and special events) and indirect (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter) 
  • Negotiated prices and deals with clients
  • Facilitated a 4-person summer marketing and sales team; indirect oversight of a 11-person year-round team
  • Maintained high level contact with corporate, in-store staff, and local partner marketing team in Lafayette
  • Strategized and aligned relationships with like-minded organizations/corporations
  • Strategic planning and budgeting for all marketing and sales initiatives

Freelance Experience 

Purdue Taal A Cappella, West Lafayette, IN                                   November 2016-January 2017

Director, Camera Operator, Editor

TedX PurdueU, West Lafayette, IN                                                                            November 2016
Camera Operator

Fast Track News, West Lafayette, IN                                                                         November 2016
Social Media Coordinator

  • Recorded videos and controlled online interactions forFacebook live stream for the Brian Lamb School of Communication along withSnapchat story feeds for student reporters. 
  • Ensured all reporters and crew were instructed on theirlocations and timing of each segment 

Slayte, West Lafayette, IN                                                                             August-December 2016
Print Production Manager

  • Gathered production credits required by PR/Marketing forpublishing
  • Budgeted and managed short film post production 
  • Creative writing/creation of print materials


Purdue University, West Lafayette- College of Liberal Arts December 2016
B.A. Studio Arts and Technology, Fine Arts

Vincennes University, Vincennes- December 2016
Associate’s of Science 


Editing Software

  • Adobe Creative Suite: Lr, PS, Id, Ai, Pr, Au
  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Sony Mirrorless 
  • Nikon DSLRs
  • Canon DSLRs
  • Panasonic camcorders
  • Accessories: Tripods


  • Handheld
  • Boom/shotgun
  • Lavalier
  • Zoom H4nSP 4-Channel Handy Recorder  
  • DSLR Audio Adapter/Mixer
  • Audio Mixer Board


  • Spotlight
  • LED Panel
  • Flood Light
  • 3-point
  • Accessories: Barndoors, Diffusers, Softboxes, Filters


  • Seamless Paper
  • Chroma Key


  • Google Suite
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Jira
  • Hubspot 
  • Salesforce
  • Monday.com 
  • Lucidchart
  • Figma

Using Format